Brookshire's Poetic Welcome

Welcome to the class
    Of ‘57 website.
Hope keeping up with classmates
    Brings much delight.

Many accomplishments occurred
    In years past.
Some of which we know 
    Will last and last.

We must admit we are the best class
    Broughton did graduate
Including the most recent 
    Up to date!

May our lives
    Continue to inspire
‘Tho we’re way beyond
    Looking for hire!

We’ve lost many in our class
    It’s sad to say,
But we’ll continue to remember them
    Day to day.

We studied long hours 
    And worked hard, too.
Our teachers were great-
    Except for a few.

They were all brave
    To put up with us,
Leading us daily
    Without a fuss.

And when in years to come
    We all meet in heaven,
May no one ever forget
    The Class of 1957!!!

-- Brookshire Wynne McDonald